Wallpaper, Blinds, and Shades

Customize Your Home or Business with Custom Interior Features

Revitalizing the interior of your home or business involves more than a fresh coat of paint. Integrity Painting installs and removes window shades, blinds, and wallpapers to leave you with a completely new look your family, employees, and customers will enjoy. Our custom shades and blinds provide the perfect fit for your renovated windows while wallpaper removal give your walls a fresh start.

Southeastern Wisconsin Painters Install Custom Blinds and Shades

With residential and commercial buildings alike, window shades and blinds can become a wonderful accent to your building both inside and out when you utilize Integrity Painting’s custom window services. Sun exposure will damage the color of furniture, wallpaper, and carpeting over time, making blinds and shades necessary to protect your home or business interior. Our variety of colorful styles and designs will give you all the protection your building needs while looking great.

With a full design consultation, Integrity Painting provides a complete custom solution for your blinds and shades. From bay windows to traditional double-hung frames, our window treatments are custom fit for easy and reliable use. Letting in extra sunlight or creating some privacy will be simple with Integrity Painting blinds and shades.

Wisconsin Wallpaper Removal Services

Lake Country Bathroom with WallpaperDuring building renovations, it’s tempting to do the work yourself to save money. Unfortunately, this often leads to accidents and the need for expensive repairs. The professional team of Integrity Painting will remove wallpaper without damaging the walls underneath, leaving you with a fresh start for new wallpaper or our painting services. We know the best techniques for easy removal, no matter how old your building’s wallpaper or the original method of application.

Whether you’re removing wallpaper to make way for Integrity Painting’s professional home painting services or you’ve decided to cover your commercial interior with brand new wallpaper, Integrity Painting offers you removal services and will refer you to the finest wallpaper artist in the industry. You may even want to mix and match, having one wall painted and another wallpapered for a more unique appearance!

Contact Integrity Painting Pro for Lake County area blinds installation or wallpaper removal.