Interior Paint Selections for Milwaukee Homes

How to Pick the Best Paint Colors with Integrity Painting!

Selecting paint for your Milwaukee, Ozaukee, or Waukesha home can be daunting. It only gets harder if you have to find the perfect paint for multiple rooms around your house at the same time. Integrity Painting will help you find the right colors to bring out the best of your home, inside and out.

How to Choose the Best Paint Colors for Your Home – Room by Room


While it might be tempting to just pick your favorite color your bedroom, certain colors are not suited for promoting sleep. Cool or neutral colors are better for having a quiet, relaxing place to rest. Pastel colors are also more popular than brighter hues as they encourage a calm atmosphere.

Interior Paint ColorsPopular cool colors include:

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple

Popular neutral colors include:

  • Brown
  • Gray
  • White

Remember to take your bed set and furniture into account. While you can easily replace your bedding to match the new paint, your dresser or bedframe will be harder to hide if it clashes with the paint.

Dining Room and Kitchen

Dining rooms can be tricky when it comes to picking a paint color. One of the solutions is to use two contrasting colors instead. Classic dining rooms use dark, rich colors for an elegant finish while lighter colors and accents are suitable for family dining.

Cabinets and appliances can often limit which colors would work in a kitchen. While cabinets can always be refinished or painted themselves, appliances are usually just one color. As a result, many kitchens use different shades of white to make matching easy and for a cleaner appearance. However, warm colors will keep your kitchen looking vibrant while entertaining.

Living Room

Just like bedrooms, the furniture must be taken into account while planning. How will a red couch look against red walls? Will pastels make it harder to hide the cords from the entertainment center? It’s easier to change the paint than the carpet or furniture, so keep these in mind when picking a color.

Try to avoid yellow and white if there are lots of windows around your living room. Otherwise, the room will be too bright during the day. Darker colors are better suited for living rooms with a lot of traffic. Kids, pets, and parties can take their toll on paint.


Hallways can be tricky since they are often small and not naturally lit. Light and pastel colors will make hallways appear wider to give the appearance of space while neutral colors including yellow can make hallways brighter with less light.Remember, hallways will need to form a seamless transition between the rest of the rooms of your house. Make sure the color of your hallways doesn’t clash with any of the rooms it leads to.BathroomBathrooms can use just about any color. Since the space is small, most people opt for brighter colors to open up the room. Feel free to use your favorite color.

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