Find the Right Paint for Your Milwaukee Home

How to Pick the Best Paint for Your Home’s Exterior with Integrity Painting!

Painted Wisconsin HomeSelecting paint for your Milwaukee, Ozaukee, or Waukesha home can be daunting. The very first thing any sees of your home will be the color and style of the exterior paint. Integrity Painting will help you find the right colors to bring out the best of your home, inside and out.

Looking at paint chips or swatches can be overwhelming. You’ll want to coordinate your roof and trim to match as well while also taking the neighborhood aesthetic into account. Visualizing all this can make it hard to pick a single color. Integrity Painting offers a full color selection consultation to help you select the perfect paint for your home’s exterior.

Five Simple Steps to Find an Exterior Paint Color:

1. Remember colors fade – A bright paint selection might not last if exposed to the sun or weather.

2. Take the architecture into account – Ranch or single-level homes can appear taller with the right colors. Older styles of homes have certain color patterns which make them look their best.

3. Check the paint outside and at different times – Something which looks acceptable in the rosy morning sunlight might not look as great at noon or in the shade.

4. Compare paint colors against trim, shingles, windows, and doors – Unless you’re replacing these features, your new paint must complement all these elements.

5. Remember landscaping and weather – Your home might look very different if surrounded by trees, snow, or flowers.

Painting Contractors Menomonee Falls Trusts

Painting your home yourself might seem like it will save money, yet it often costs more in the long run. Washing, sanding, scraping, and priming is a lot more work than most homeowners expect. And finding safe ways to paint high areas from a ladder can be dangerous. Painting on your own can lead to expensive repairs later from uneven coats or mismatched colors.

The Brookfield painting contractors do all the hard work for you. Our complete residential paint services mean you get to sit back and relax while your home is transformed. We handle everything from striping and sanding existing paint to applying the best primer for your home. Our expert paint contractors will then evenly apply the exterior paint color of your choice.

Brookfield House Painters with Experience

Old and untreated paint can crack and peel, causing your to house look worse for the wear. Heavy rain, extreme temperatures, and even harsh sunlight can cause damage to your home’s exterior paint. Even fresh paint can be affected by changes in humidity. A bad paint job will lower your home’s value and curb appeal.

Our exterior home painters of Waukesha know to take all these factors into account when preparing your home for painting. We will work with you to schedule painting when it is convenient for you. Even during cold Wisconsin winters, we make your house look great with fresh paint.

Don’t Forget Interior Painting Services!

Once the outside of your home is complete, why not paint the interior as well? Integrity Painting contractors have a wide selection of colors for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and every space in-between. If you have cool exterior, try selecting warm colors for your interior paints and vice versa!

Contact the exterior house painters Milwaukee trusts to get the job done right!